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Parliamentary Meeting at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24)



The next United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) will take place from 3 to 14 December 2018 in Katowice, Poland. The session will be an event of global importance; the third one on the long road to practical implementation of the Paris Agreement concluded in December 2015.

The IPU and the Polish Sejm will organize a Parliamentary Meeting on the occasion of the Climate Change Conference. The Meeting will be held with a view to providing parliamentarians with an opportunity to obtain first-hand information on the main issues and orientations of COP24, interact with experts and negotiators directly involved in the UNFCCC decision-making process, gain better knowledge of the recommendations included in the IPU's Parliamentary Action Plan on Climate Change and discuss ways of ensuring implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The Parliamentary Meeting will take place on Sunday, 9 December. The languages of the meeting will be English, French and Spanish.

Important notice:The IPU and the Polish Sejm are not in a position to facilitate accreditation to COP24 or provide visa support for entry into Poland. Those matters are to be handled by each delegate individually.


Polish Sejm:
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC):
COP24 host country website: only)
Parliamentary Meeting on the occasion of COP23:

Watch the video shared at the Meeting by Henk Rogers, Founder and Board Chair, Blue Planet Foundation.


Sunday, 9 December 2018

- Registration of participants
- Welcome
Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, IPU President; Ms. Beata Mazurek, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm of Poland, President of the Polish Inter-Parliamentary Group; Ms. Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary; Moderator: Ms. Aleksandra Blagojevic, Programme Manager for International Development, IPU
- Key note / Setting the scene: Moving into the implementation of the Paris Agreement with ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions: Key areas to be addressed through national laws and policies
Mr. Niklas Hagelberg, Coordinator, Climate Change Programme, UN Environment
- General discussion: (1) Developing and strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks as enabling environments for climate action at the national level
- Discussion on focus areas: (2) Enabling environments for renewable energy investments
- Lunch break
- Discussion on focus areas: (3) Economic instruments in national environmental laws and policies (e.g., carbon tax, carbon pricing, and fiscal incentives)
- Conclusions, future outlook and adoption of the outcome document