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IPU supports Zambian Parliament to set up digital library

Workshop participants

Participants at the workshops in Lusaka. © Edmund Balnaves

The IPU has been assisting the National Assembly of Zambia develop a digital library to improve information management and sharing with MPs and the public. As part of this ongoing work, the IPU just completed a technical support mission to Lusaka.

During the mission, workshops were held for parliamentary staff to resolve technical issues and enhance the library’s digital interface. The workshops also bolstered the process for submitting documents to the library.

The workshops strengthened staff ability to drive and sustain the continued development of the digital library and position the National Assembly of Zambia as a regional leader in the field. A roadmap was produced, setting out next steps before the digital library’s official launch to parliamentarians.

The mission, which followed up from an earlier one in June 2016 to help staff design the new system, was carried out in accordance with the Common Principles for Support to Parliaments which Zambia endorsed in 2015.