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IPU helps the Hluttaw hold its first webinar

Myanmar Parliament

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logo pandemicThe Parliament of Myanmar (Hluttaw) recently held its first virtual session to discuss a COVID-19 economic relief plan with technical support from the IPU and the UN Development Programme.

Some 40 MPs registered for the session joining from all over the country. The webinar was led by Australian MP Ms. Janelle Saffin who shared best practice on how Australia has been dealing with the pandemic. Myanmar MPs discussed how to contribute to the relief plan and continue to work efficiently in their constituencies.

The software used was Jitsi Meet, installed on the MPs’ phones and computers. Before the session, the IPU/UNDP team organized short practice sessions to familiarize MPs with the new technology.   MPs surveyed were positive about the experience. For many of them, this was the first time they took part in a webinar.