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IPU’s annual information seminar goes virtual

Zoom meeting

© IPU/M. Tounsi

This year’s IPU information seminar has gone online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since participants cannot travel to Geneva, the IPU is holding a week of webinars for parliamentary staff in French.

Every year, the IPU holds an information seminar for parliamentary staff who are Secretaries of IPU Groups or who are responsible for international relations. The objective of the seminar is to give the staff in-depth knowledge of the IPU, its programmes and activities, structures and working methods.

The seminar also allows the IPU Secretariat to become better acquainted with the functioning and possible needs of its different Members and to find ways to better meet their expectations.

The seminars alternate between English and French. The attendance this year is a record for the seminar in French: 26 participants (14 women and 12 men) registered from 16 countries and 3 Associate Members.

Topics covered include providing technical assistance to and building capacity in parliaments; parliaments in a time of pandemic; and strengthening multilateralism.