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IPU congratulates Adama Barrow on becoming Gambian President

Gambians celebrate the swearing in of Adama Barrow as President.  Photo: ©Anadolu Agency/Xaume Olleros

Geneva: The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is gravely concerned at the current situation in The Gambia, where President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to hand over power following the results of recently held elections. Mr. Jammeh has been in office for 22 years, ever since he staged a military coup in 1994.

IPU congratulates President Barrow on his victory, and expresses its support for his peaceful return to the country. Recent election results gave a clear victory to Adama Barrow, who was sworn in as the new President yesterday in neighbouring Senegal.

IPU appeals to Mr. Jammeh to respect the outcome of the elections, and ensure a smooth transfer of power, thus avoiding civil unrest and military action.

In a statement, IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong said that "Any attempt to retain power through illegitimate means is an affront to democracy and the rule of law". ECOWAS troops from neighbouring countries have crossed into The Gambia and may have to intervene to enforce the handover of power if Mr. Jammeh does not respect the final ultimatum given to him.

Mr. Chungong adds that “My hope is that reason will prevail and that President Barrow will be able to return to The Gambia and begin the work he was elected to do by the Gambian people”.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the global organization of national parliaments. It works to safeguard peace and drives positive democratic change through political dialogue and concrete action.

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