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Burkina Faso: The IPU lends its support to the ALT

Président, Dr. Ousmane Bougouma

President of the ALT, Dr. Ousmane Bougouma, and IPU Secretary General, Martin Chungong

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 February 2023

On the invitation of the IPU Secretary General, a delegation from the Transitional Legislative Assembly (ALT) of Burkina Faso, led by its President, Dr. Ousmane Bougouma, today visited IPU headquarters. The visit took place in the context of the mandate given to the Secretary General by the IPU’s governing bodies to take all necessary measures to support the ALT in its mission to represent the people of Burkina Faso and return the country to constitutional order.

The visit gave the Secretary General an opportunity to enquire about the current situation in Burkina Faso and to bring the recommendations of the IPU’s governing bodies to the attention of the delegation.

The discussions also covered the mandate of the transition, namely: to restore the country’s territorial integrity; to establish a rapid response to the humanitarian situation; to promote national reconciliation; and to organize free, transparent and inclusive elections. On the basis of these objectives and the contribution that the ALT can make to achieving them, taking due account of the various challenges on the ground, the IPU and the ALT explored opportunities for a rapid return to constitutional order, particularly through enhanced citizen engagement. The delegation was then briefed on the activities of the IPU that could form part of that support.

In view of recent developments revealing nationwide calls for a return to normality, the two parties agreed to work together closely to support the ALT in the execution of its mandate by setting out a roadmap for implementing the recommendations of the IPU’s governing bodies.

The IPU, in accordance with the recommendations of its governing bodies, stands ready to support the ALT in successfully restoring constitutional order by the end of the transition period.