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Parliament of Canada - Parlement du Canada, House of Commons

The IPU data corresponds to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. For information about upper chambers, refer to Parline

Women in parliament
of MPs are women
MPs' human rights
cases currently treated by the Committee on the Human Rights of MPs
  • Population 35.95 million people
  • Number of MPs 338 MPs
  • Legislature bicameral
  • Last election Oct 2019
  • IPU Membership
  • Common principles signatory
  • Website
  • More data from Parline

This page contains the latest IPU news and data for this parliament. The percentage of women in parliament and the percentage of youth participation correspond to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. The number of MP human rights cases corresponds to the latest decisions of the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.

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