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Syrian Arab Republic

Data points :

Majlis Al-Chaab (People's Assembly)

The IPU data corresponds to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. For information about upper chambers, refer to Parline

Women in parliament
of MPs are women
Youth in parliament
of MPs are under 45
MPs' human rights
cases currently treated by the Committee on the Human Rights of MPs

This page contains the latest IPU news and data for this parliament. The percentage of women in parliament and the percentage of youth participation correspond to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. The number of MP human rights cases corresponds to the latest decisions of the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.

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IPU statement on earthquake in Türkiye and the Syrian Arab Republic

The IPU and the global parliamentary community express their deepest sorrow at the devastation and extensive loss of life in the wake of the earthquakes that struck southern Türkiye and northern Syria earlier this week. We convey our deepest condolences
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Press releases
Man carries child in Syria

Global conference of MPs calls for immediate humanitarian access to the civilian population in Syria

The Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) 135th Assembly urged all relevant parties to bring an end to this war. They also called today for the immediate, unimpeded and permanent humanitarian and medical access to the civilian population in Syria in order to ensure that supplies reach over 550,000 people in besieged areas deprived from almost all humanitarian aid.
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Press releases

IPU Committee to undertake Syria refugee mission in Lebanon

Members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee to Promote Respect for International Humanitarian Law are to undertake a three-day mission to Lebanon to assess the Syrian refugee crisis. The mission, starting on 30 May, will investigate the situation of Syrian
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Press releases

IPU urges Syria to put in place independent parliament

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In the region