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Data points :

Asamblea General (General Assembly), Cámara de Representantes (House of Representatives)

The IPU data corresponds to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. For information about upper chambers, refer to Parline

Women in parliament
of MPs are women
Youth in parliament
of MPs are under 45
MPs' human rights
cases currently treated by the Committee on the Human Rights of MPs

This page contains the latest IPU news and data for this parliament. The percentage of women in parliament and the percentage of youth participation correspond to the lower chamber if the parliament is bicameral. The number of MP human rights cases corresponds to the latest decisions of the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.

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Uruguay parliament

Back to the future in Uruguay

The Second World Summit of the Committees of the Future took place from 25-27 September 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the theme of Bringing the future into the present: The democracy of the future, artificial intelligence and parliaments. The Summit
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News in brief

Preparing democracy for what’s to come: Committees of the Future

The Second World Summit of the Committees of the Future, organized jointly by the Parliament of Uruguay and the IPU, will bring together parliamentarians from around the world to explore how to integrate tomorrow’s challenges into today’s decision-making.
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Press releases
Uruguay signature

IPU and Uruguay sign agreement to open future regional office

Lisbon, Portugal, 29 June 2023. For immediate release. On the eve of its 134-year anniversary and the International Day of Parliamentarism, the IPU and Uruguay have signed an agreement with the objective of opening a regional IPU office in Montevideo
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News in brief

Celebrating the 133rd IPU Anniversary in Uruguay

The IPU Executive Committee met this week in Montevideo, Uruguay, for its 288th session as well as to celebrate the 133rd anniversary of the IPU on International Day of Parliamentarism on 30 June. In parallel, the IPU, in partnership with
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Regional follow-up seminar on "The role of parliamentarians in the implementation of Universal Periodic Review recommendations"