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ICT governance hub


This hub is part of the Centre for Innovation in Parliament.

The hub, established by the European Parliament, is a global network of expertise covering areas such as IT strategy, IT planning and IT efficiency, capable of mobilizing knowledge where it is needed on a daily basis. The hub hosts an online learning platform with over 50 organizations / parliaments, currently taking part, to guide parliaments to improve their IT governance practices through self-assessment of digital maturity and good practice approaches. In addition to online learning, the hub envisages starting capacity-development activities in collaboration with the CIP regional hubs.

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ICT governance hub
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The European Parliament and the IPU formalize their cooperation on the IT Governance Hub

ICT governance hub

On 9 October 2020, the Secretaries General of the European Parliament (Mr. Klaus Welle) and the Inter‑Parliamentary Union (Mr. Martin Chungong) signed a memorandum of understanding about cooperating on the IT Governance hub. 

The hub was established by the European Parliament. It is a global expertise network that covers areas such as IT strategy, planning and efficiency. Every day it mobilizes knowledge wherever it is needed. The hub hosts an online learning platform that is currently used by over 50 organizations or parliaments. The platform helps parliaments to improve their IT governance by enabling them to self-assess their digital maturity and deploy other good practices. In addition to online learning, the hub is planning to start capacity‑development activities in collaboration with CIP regional hubs. 

The CIP secretariat and hub coordination team are currently discussing how to increase synergy with the other thematic and regional CIP hubs in 2021. 

ICT governance hub

Presenting the online learning platform for parliaments

ICT governance hub

The online learning platform for parliaments to support a wide development of maturity in IT governance, continues to grow with 96 individual accesses that have been granted for staff belonging to 52 parliaments and other organizations. Among these, 11 have recorded information related to their IT maturity status.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the Hub made a presentation together with the Centre for Innovation in Parliament (CIP) at the ICT2019 Seminar (3-4 October) of the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD) at the Estonian Parliament. It engaged in peer-to-peer support activity with the National Assembly and National Council of Bhutan (25 September), and the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil (18 September) in Brasilia. The Hub will also meet as part of the Thematic Hubs event in Ottawa (18-19 March 2020) which will be the Hub’s first face-to-face meeting since its establishment. The intention is to assess opportunities for further inter-parliamentary collaboration, to promote IT governance concepts and practices, including by sharing digital strategies and potentially taking part in regional training events. Representatives from the Central Service attached to the Cabinet of the Secretary-General and the Directorate-General for Innovation and Technological Support (DG ITEC) of the European Parliament, who host the hub, will facilitate a dedicated meeting in Ottawa concerning a potential new hub on digital archiving that could help parliaments share archiving innovations and practices, as well as guide them at the various stages of their digital archiving services.

ICT governance hub

IT Governance Hub developments

ICT governance hub

The IT Governance Hub hosted by the European Parliament is continuing to register new participants on its online platform: 88 individual accesses have been granted for staff belonging to 48 organizations, including recently the Parliaments of Angola and Moldova. Following several requests, the content of the documents included in the platform is now also available in French, Portuguese and Spanishand. Translation was done using the automatic translation engines of the eTranslation service provided by the European Commission. In addition, on top of self-development through the various paths proposed, the platform can be used to support five different types of events: presentations, peer-to-peer support, support to a regional hub, thematic exchange, and train the trainers. A new section has been introduced to list the events that have been performed / planned.

Finally, from 11 to 12 July 2019, the representative of the IT Governance Hub took part in the kick-off of the INTER PARES project in Brussels (hosted by the European Parliament). Following discussions, it was agreed in the context of the project that the IT Governance Hub will be invited where possible to introduce the development of the IT governance capacity during peer-to-peer support with selected parliaments from partner countries.

ICT governance hub

Building the ICT Governance hub

ICT governance hub

The ICT Governance hub has grown to 81 individual accesses for staff from 46 organizations to its online learning platform for parliaments, which supports the development of maturity in IT governance. A representative of the European Parliament took part in the May 2019 meeting of the Open Data Hub in Brasilia to share and contribute with knowledge, but also to explore further synergies between hubs. Discussions are being held with the regional hubs for East Africa and Southern Africa—which have identified IT governance as a focus area—on potential follow-up activities including awareness-raising and capacity-building.


Image: Map displaying the parliaments that joined the ICT Governance e-learning platform. © European Parliament

ICT governance hub

Developing IT governance in parliaments

ICT governance hub

The IT governance hub is an online learning platform for parliaments to support a wide development of maturity in IT governance. Since the hub’s launch at the World e-Parliament Conference in December 2018, 77 individual accesses have been granted to the IT governance platform for staff belonging to 45 organisations. Among these organisations, 11 have so far recorded information related to their organisation and their IT maturity self-assessment. Following user feedback, a new status ("To be assessed") has been introduced in the system to help differentiate the status of the IT maturity self-assessments. For access to the platform, contact

ICT governance hub