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IPU Secretary General calls for ongoing efforts to strengthen democracy in Benin

Martin Changing speaking to the National Assembly of Benin

Martin Changing speaking to the National Assembly of Benin. © Benoit Koffi

IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong was invited to address the opening ceremony of the second regular session of the National Assembly of Benin by the Speaker, Mr. Houngbédji, who is committed to strengthening cooperation between the Parliament and the IPU. Mr. Chungong commended Benin’s vibrant democracy and called upon the country’s parliamentarians to build a stronger, more effective parliament working in partnership with the Executive.

Mr. Chungong said that “freedom of expression, alternation of power, good governance, greater political representation of women, the smooth functioning of institutions in accordance with the rule of law, accountability, and a dynamic civil society are all essential for democracy to take root and flourish and are finding fertile ground in Benin through the efforts of political actors driven by a sense of responsibility and working for the common good.”

“This is the secret to the vitality of democracy in Benin; the success of recent electoral consultations is a good example of this,” he added.

However, Mr. Chungong expressed the need for ongoing efforts to strengthen democracy in Benin. “This is consistent with the very principle of democracy and will enable it to respond appropriately to the manifold challenges that are reflected in the many and pressing expectations of your voters,” he said.

In his speech, the IPU Secretary General emphasized the crucial role parliamentarians play in addressing some of the key issues at the forefront of the international agenda, such as human rights, gender equality, terrorism, the new sustainable development agenda and youth involvement in political life. He specifically highlighted the necessity to promote women’s rights and called for increasing the proportion of women MPs in the National Assembly, which currently stands at 7 per cent.

Mr. Chungong paid a courtesy visit to the Head of State, Mr. Patrice Talon, who appealed for IPU support for building the capacity of Beninese parliamentarians so they could successfully carry out their functions. The IPU Head pledged his support.

On the IPU Secretary General’s request to garner support of the executive related to issues like gender equality, combating terrorism and promoting democracy and development through the implementation of the new development agenda, Mr. Talon assured him of his full support, namely on gender equality “where Benin is not doing quite well”, he acknowledged.

During his visit to Cotonou, Mr. Chungong also met with Benin’s Ombudsan and former MP, Mr. Joseph Gnonlonfoun, who has been actively involved in IPU’s activities over the years. The IPU Secretary General stressed the IPU’s desire for Mr. Gnonlonfoun to continue to participate in the work of the Organization, particularly in terms of his expertise in conflict resolution.


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