Our Assembly, the only global forum of MPs, brings together parliamentarians to address and drive change on issues on the international agenda.

It is our main political body through which Member Parliaments adopt resolutions on parliamentary action on world affairs. It plays a pivotal role in addressing the issues that threaten peace, democracy and development, both today and in the future. The participation of the world’s MPs at our Assemblies means the will of citizens across all regions is reflected and represented in Assembly decisions and declarations.

There is a particular focus on peace and security, democracy and human rights. Four of our committees play a particular role in what is decided.

The Assembly is also a unique platform for global political trends and a testing ground for new ideas and initiatives. Recent assemblies have addressed an impressive range of social and political issuesranging from tackling global terrorism to using social media to engage citizens in democracy. 

Assembliesformerly known as Inter-Parliamentary Conferencesare held twice a year either in Geneva or in other cities around the world. More than 1,200 delegates attend. The participation of women is strongly encouraged, in line with our commitment to gender equality.

Our Organization was launched in an Assembly (or Conference) in Paris in 1889, and our meetings still represent our core principles of providing a multilateral forum to enhance peace and representative democracy, and maintaining worldwide parliamentary dialogue.

For information on past Assemblies, see the list of Statutory Assemblies below. 

The Committee on Peace and International Security provides our Member Parliaments the political framework for effective action on global threats. 
The Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade works to improve the lives and well-being of the world’s citizens and the planet. 
The Committee on Democracy and Human Rights works to promote democracy and protect the human rights for all of society.
The Committee on United Nations Affairs connects parliaments with UN activities and goals.
Statutory Assemblies and Conferences held since 1889

1st Paris (France) 1889

2nd London (United Kingdom) 1890

3rd Rome (Italy) 1891

4th Bern (Switzerland) 1892

5th The Hague (Netherlands) 1894

6th Brussels (Belgium) 1895

7th Budapest (Hungary) 1896

8th Brussels (Belgium) 1897

9th Christiania (Norway) 1899

10th Paris (France) 1900

11th Vienna (Austria) 1903

12th Saint-Louis (USA) 1904

13th Brussels (Belgium) 1905

14th London (United Kingdom) 1906

15th Berlin (Germany) 1908

16th Brussels (Belgium) 1910

17th Geneva (Switzerland) 1912

18th The Hague (Netherlands) 1913

19th Stockholm (Sweden) 1921

20th Vienna (Austria) 1922

21st Copenhagen (Denmark) 1923

22nd Bern (Switzerland) 1924

23rd Washington (USA) and Ottawa (Canada) 1925

24th Paris (France) 1927

25th Berlin (Germany) 1928

26th London (United Kingdom) 1930

27th Bucharest (Romania) 1931

28th Geneva (Switzerland) 1932

29th Madrid (Spain) 1933

30th Istanbul (Turkey) 1934

31st Brussels (Belgium) 1935

32nd Budapest (Hungary) 1936

33rd Paris (France) 1937

34th The Hague (Netherlands) 1938

35th Oslo (Norway) 1939

36th Cairo (Egypt) 1947

37th Rome (Italy) 1948

38th Stockholm (Sweden) 1949

39th Dublin (Ireland) 1950

40th Istanbul (Turkey) 1951

41st Bern (Switzerland) 1952

42nd Washington (USA) 1953

43rd Vienna (Austria) 1954

44th Helsinki (Finland) 1955

45th Bangkok (Thailand) 1956

46th London (United Kingdom) 1957

47th Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 1958

48th Warsaw (Poland) 1959

49th Tokyo (Japan) 1960

50th Brussels (Belgium) 1961

51st Brasilia (Brazil) 1962

52nd Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1963

53rd Copenhagen (Denmark) 1964

54th Ottawa (Canada) 1965

55th Teheran (Iran) 1966

56th Lima (Peru) 1968

57th New Delhi (India) 1969

58th The Hague (Netherlands) 1970

59th Paris (France) 1971

60th Rome (Italy) 1972

61st Tokyo (Japan) 1974

62nd London (United Kingdom) 1975

63rd Madrid (Spain) 1976

64th Sofia (Bulgaria) 1977

65th Bonn (FRG) 1978

66th Caracas (Venezuela) 1979

67th Berlin (GDR) 1980

68th Havana (Cuba) 1981

69th Rome (Italy) 1982

70th Seoul (Republic of Korea) 1983

71st Geneva (Switzerland) 1984

72nd Geneva (Switzerland) 1984

73rd Lomé (Togo) 1985

74th Ottawa (Canada) 1985

75th Mexico City (Mexico) 1986

76th Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1986

77th Managua (Nicaragua)1987

78th Bangkok (Thailand) 1987

79th Guatemala City (Guatemala) 1988

80th Sofia (Bulgaria) 1988

81st Budapest (Hungary) 1989

82nd London (United Kingdom) 1989

83rd Nicosia (Cyprus) 1990

84th Punta del Este (Uruguay) 1990

85th Pyongyang (D.P.R. Korea) 1991

86th Santiago (Chile) 1991

87th Yaoundé (Cameroon) 1992

88th Stockholm (Sweden) 1992

89th New Delhi (India) 1993

90th Canberra (Australia) 1993

91st Paris (France) 1994

92nd Copenhagen (Denmark) 1994

93rd Madrid (Spain) 1995

94th Bucharest (Romania) 1995

95th Istanbul (Turkey) 1996

96th Beijing (China) 1996

97th Seoul (Republic of Korea) 1997

98th Cairo (Egypt) 1997

99th Windhoek (Namibia) 1998

100th Moscow (Russian Federation) 1998

101st Brussels (Belgium) 1999

102nd Berlin (Germany) 1999

103rd Amman (Jordan) 2000

104th Jakarta (Indonesia) 2000

105th Havana (Cuba) 2001

106th Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) 2001

107th Marrakech (Morocco) 2002

108th Santiago (Chile) 2003

109th Geneva (Switzerland) 2003

110th Mexico City (Mexico) 2004

111th Geneva (Switzerland) 2004

112th Manila (Philippines) 2005

113th Geneva (Switzerland) 2005

114th Nairobi (Kenya) 2006

115th Geneva (Switzerland) 2006

116th Nusa Dua, Bali (Indonesia) 2007

117th Geneva (Switzerland) 2007

118th Cape Town (South Africa) 2008

119th Geneva (Switzerland) 2008

120th Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) 2009

121st Geneva (Switzerland) 2009

122nd Bangkok (Thailand) 2010

123rd Geneva (Switzerland) 2010

124th Panama City (Panama) 2011

125th Bern (Switzerland) 2011

126th Kampala (Uganda) 2012

127th Quebec City (Canada) 2012

128th Quito (Ecuador) 2013

129th Geneva (Switzerland) 2013

130th Geneva (Switzerland) 2014

131st Geneva (Switzerland) 2014

132nd Hanoi (Viet Nam) 2015

133rd Geneva (Switzerland) 2015

134th Lusaka (Zambia) 2016

135th Geneva (Switzerland) 2016

136th Dhaka (Bangladesh) 2017

137th St. Petersburg (Russia) 2017 138th Geneva (Switzerland) 2018