Our Assembly, the only global forum of MPs, brings together parliamentarians to address and drive change on issues on the international agenda.

It is our main political body through which Member Parliaments adopt resolutions on parliamentary action on world affairs. It plays a pivotal role in addressing the issues that threaten peace, democracy and development, both today and in the future. The participation of the world’s MPs at our Assemblies means the will of citizens across all regions is reflected and represented in Assembly decisions and declarations.

There is a particular focus on peace and security, democracy and human rights. Four of our committees play a particular role in what is decided.

The Assembly is also a unique platform for global political trends and a testing ground for new ideas and initiatives. Recent assemblies have addressed an impressive range of social and political issuesranging from tackling global terrorism to using social media to engage citizens in democracy. 

Assembliesformerly known as Inter-Parliamentary Conferencesare held twice a year either in Geneva or in other cities around the world. More than 1,200 delegates attend. The participation of women is strongly encouraged, in line with our commitment to gender equality.

Our Organization was launched in an Assembly (or Conference) in Paris in 1889, and our meetings still represent our core principles of providing a multilateral forum to enhance peace and representative democracy, and maintaining worldwide parliamentary dialogue.

For information on past Assemblies, see the list of Statutory Assemblies. The rules of the Assembly can be found here.

The Committee on Peace and International Security provides our Member Parliaments the political framework for effective action on global threats. 
The Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade works to improve the lives and well-being of the world’s citizens and the planet. 
The Committee on Democracy and Human Rights works to promote democracy and protect the human rights for all of society.
The Committee on United Nations Affairs connects parliaments with UN activities and goals.
Latest and next Assemblies
142nd Assembly and related meetings
16 April 2020
Geneva , Switzerland
13 October 2019
Belgrade , Serbia
06 April 2019
Doha , Qatar
14 October 2018
Geneva , Switzerland